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Ancient Studies professors are passionate about their subjects and love teaching them. Their professional expertise ranges from the Bronze Age to the transition to Islam and all points in between. Members of the Ancient Studies faculty are easy to engage in conversation and make time for their students; their doors are always open. Make a point of getting to know them during your time at UMBC.

 Faculty Member Office, Phone, Email  Areas of Specialization
David Rosenbloom

Associate Professor & Chair

PAHB 450; 410-455-2723; Greek tragedy and comedy; Classical Athenian political, social, and cultural history; oratory.
Michael F. Lane  

Assistant Profesor

PAHB 449; 410-455-2979; Greek Bronze-Age Archaeology; Linear B
Melissa Bailey

Visiting Assistant Professor

PAHB 446; 410-455-8671;
Roman Archaeology, Roman Economy; Late Eastern Roman Empire; Transition to Islam.
Molly Ayn Jones-Lewis


PAHB 4454; 10-455-2970; Greek and Roman Medicine; Interculturality in Antiquity; Roman Law; Roman History (1-2 Centuries CE).
Timothy Phin


PAHB 442; 410-455-2623; Roman History; Latin Literature; Children and Childhood in Antiquity; Sexuality and Gender in Antiquity
Daniel Dooley

Adjunct Lecturer

PAHB 444; 410-455-1662; Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy; Hellenistic Poetry
Brent Gilbert

Adjunct Lecturer

PAHB 448; 410-455-2115;

Classical and Late-Antique Literature; Greek and Latin Patristics, Early Christian & Byzantine Reception of the Classical Tradition; Ancient Medical Theory; Textual Criticism

Erin Guinn-Villareal

Adjunct Lecturer

PAHB 444; 410-455-1662;

Hebrew Bible; Northwest Semitic Philology

Esther Doyle Read

Adjunct Lecturer

PAHB 448; 410-455-2115;

New World Archaeology; Field Archaeology

Robert Rivkin

Adjunct Lecturer

PAHB 444; 410-455-1662;

Latin Pedagogy

 Professors Emeriti  
Jay Freyman

Associate Professor Emeritus Greek drama; Greek and Latin lyric
Marilyn Goldberg

Associate Professor Emerita Classical and Near-eastern Archaeology; Gender Studies
Carolyn Koehler

Associate Professor Emerita Classical archaeology; ancient trade
Rudolf Storch

Associate Professor Emeritus Greek warfare
Walter Sherwin

Associate Professor Emeritus Greek and Roman literature