Ancient Studies Majors learn how to:
  • translate Greek and/or Latin texts and understand their literary contexts
  • identify important Greek and Roman myths, legends, and stories
  • describe and analyze basic elements of the history, society, and material culture of the Greeks, Romans, and other ancient peoples.
  • evaluate sources of information about people of the past. 
  • develop a thesis about an ancient culture, and support it with primary and secondary sources in oral and/or written presentations.


The Humanities Scholars Program is for talented students with strong intellectual abilities who are passionate about pursuing the study of literature, history, philosophy,  language, and culture. At UMBC, Humanities scholars study the great thinkers of the past and present in light of modern scientific discoveries, popular culture, and current social issues. Scholars discover rich cultural traditions through local community exploration and a semester abroad. Graduates of the program go on to graduate and professional schools and careers in fields such as publishing, law, teaching, business, public services, and medicine.

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