Life After the BA

Focusing on the study of the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome, the Ancient Studies department provides an interdisciplinary humanities education that spans 3,500 years of human history and continues into the present. The ANCS department teaches Greek and Latin language at all levels and offers courses in the myth and literature, archaeology and history, and the societies and institutions of Ancient Greece and Rome. The department offers its students a unique undergraduate experience: ample opportunity for study and travel abroad, internships, archaeological fieldwork, and faculty members who love their subject and teaching it to others.


Ancient Studies majors are prepared for graduate study in Ancient Greek and Roman archaeology, literature, and history. But Ancient Studies majors are also well known for their exceptionally high rates of admission to law and medical. Developing an in-depth knowledge of the roots of the English language (60% of our vocabulary derives from Greek and Latin), honing their critical reasoning and writing skills, mastering large amounts of data, and routinely crossing disciplinary boundaries, Ancient Studies majors are equipped to work in all fields that require research, analysis, and writing.


For more information about the value of a major in Ancient Studies, see the articles on the major in the Princeton Review and Psychology Today. A fuller treatment of the major and its usefulness after graduation can be found at the website of the American Philological Association.