Major – Bachelor of Arts

Core Requirements:

1. One course selected from the following:

ANCS 201: The Ancient Greeks [3]
ANCS 202: The Roman World [3]

2. One course selected from the following:

ARCH 200: Greek Archaeology [3]
ARCH 201: Roman Archaeology [3]

3. One course selected from the following:

ANCS 453: Ancient Greece [3]
ANCS 455: The Roman Republic [3]
ANCS 456: The Roman Empire [3]

Nine credits at the 300 level or above in:

Ancient Studies, Latin, Greek, Archaeology, Ancient History,
or in other disciplines as approved by ANCS

Nine additional credits in any of the above related subject areas

Language Requirements:

There are two ways to fulfill the language requirement; students need to complete one.

Option 1: 3 credits of Latin or Greek at the 300 level or above

Note: Students who have not previously taken Latin or Greek will need to take 101, 102, and 201 [4 credits each] in their chosen language before registering for a 300-level course.

Option 2: Ancient Studies majors may fulfill their major requirement by completing Greek 201 or Latin 201 [4 credits each], plus any combination of two additional courses offered by the department with ANCS, ARCH, or HIST designations. All courses for this option must be taught by a member of the Ancient Studies faculty.

Note: Students planning to enter graduate school after completion of the undergraduate degree must follow Option I and take more language courses than are required in that option. Students planning to teach Latin must take five courses [3 credits each] at the 300 level or above in Latin and receive a grade of “A” or “B” in each. Contact a faculty member for guidance.

Grading Requirement: No course in which the student has earned a grade less than a “C” will count toward completion of the major.