ANCS Departmental Honors

The Department of Ancient Studies at UMBC offers a program leading to the awarding of departmental honors at graduation. This program is designed for students who want to meet additional challenges, especially those who are considering graduate school. (Note: This program is different from the University Honors College Program and is open to all Ancient Studies majors who meet the requirements for departmental honors outlined below.)

For departmental honors the following stipulations will apply:

  1. To participate, a student must have taken at least three Ancient Studies courses and have 3.5 grade point average in Ancient Studies courses.*Students with a lower grade point average can petition the faculty of the Ancient Studies department. There are no requirements concerning overall GPA.
  2. Students must apply to the department for permission to participate in the departmental honors program, using the application form.
  3. Departmental honors students must graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA in Ancient Studies courses.
  4. Students seeking departmental honors will follow the rules for a regular Ancient Studies major, but make the following additions:

a. Students seeking departmental honors must take at least three upper level courses in Latin or Greek and have reached the 201 level in the other language.

b. Students must take at least one 300 or 400 level Archaeology (ARCH) course and one upper level Ancient Studies (ANCS) course.

c. Students must take ANCS 399H (Comprehensive Readings in Ancient Studies). Students must earn at least a “B” in ANCS 399H in order to qualify for departmental honors.

d. Students must take the two-term ANCS 498H-499H (Honors Thesis in Ancient Studies, I and II). Students must earn at least a “B” in the 498-499 sequence to qualify for departmental honors.

*Ancient Studies Courses are courses designated as ANCS, ARCH, GREK, LATN, and HIST 453, 455, and 456.

Please find the application here: ANCSHonorsAppl