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About Us

Ancient Studies students discover the world of the ancient Mediterranean with classes in archaeology, history, and Latin and ancient Greek language and literature. Participants in our annual study/travelprogram and our student excavators gain first-hand knowledge of ancient cities and sanctuaries when they visit these sites. Closer to home, our student excavators can prepare for a career in field archaeology and Cultural Resource Management through the department. Students interested in working in museums can gain experience through our curatorial studies courses and internships. All students, majors as well as minors and students who take only a course or two in Ancient Studies, will enhance their skills in deductive reasoning and train themselves to pay particular attention to detail.


Have you read the latest copy of our Res Classicae? You can find it here!


We hope you enjoy the new Ancient Studies website. We are still working out a few last details, and so some pages are under construction. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email Domonique Pitts.