Dr. Michael Lane


Prof. Lane has his Ph.D. in Aegean Archaeology and M.Sc. in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy from the University of Sheffield, and B.A. in Anthropology from Indiana University. He teaches Introduction to Archaeology of the Ancient World, Greek Archaeology and Art, Archaeology of Aegean Prehistory, Archaeological Methods and Techniques, and Ancient Greek, among other courses at UMBC. He is also co-director, along with Dr. Alexandra Charami of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, of the Kopaic Cultures, Economies, and Landscapes (KOCECOLA) excavations of the Middle and Late Bronze Age (“Helladic,” ca. 1900–1190 BCE) settlement of Aghia Marina Pyrghos, Boiotia, central mainland Greece, as well as concurrent laboratory analyses of the excavations’ finds. He specializes in archaeological survey and excavation, anthropological theory in archaeology, Bronze Age economies in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Mycenaean Greek and the Linear B script in which it was written.

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